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Urology Center in Maryland

Bladder cancer is although not very common but after prostate cancer, it is the most common cancer in the urinary tract. It is more common in men than women and usually happens after the age of 45 but have been seen in younger individuals as well. The bladder cancer has been attributed to chronic smoking and exposure to some chemicals that can create metabolites in the urine which irritate the bladder mucosa causing cancer. Cigarette smoking has been proven as the number one factor in producing bladder cancer. If an individual observes blood in their urine they should immediately get checked out by a urologist as this could be the first signs of the bladder cancer, another common symptom is frequent urination at night.

Bladder cancer has several stages; early stage I, II, III, and IV. In early stages, it could be easily treated by resecting and then contuing to be monitored every six months for any signs of recurrence. If not prevented and treated early then the treatment would need to be more aggressive and could require surgery. Yearly urine test checkups by laboratories is essential to check for any edvidence of red blood cells in the urine. This is the only way to catch the cancer at early stages of the disease and thus increasing the chances for treatment and prevention; this is especially imortant for individuals who are regular smokers. For further information please contact Germantown Urology Center at 301-428-3040

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