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Best Urologist in Maryland

Blood in the semen is somehow a common problem in sexually active men between ages 20 and 50. One should consider that blood in semen means either after or during intercourse, the color of the semen becomes bloody and usually the patient is afraid of some condition going on. However, it should be investigated although it is benign condition and usually indicative of infection in the prostate, but one should consider this blood in the semen an investigative issue and should be talked to the doctor. The reason is sometimes the patient may mistakenly do not see the blood in the urine and mix it with the semen. If it is proven that blood is the semen itself and nothing in the urine, the condition is usually benign and the patient should be treated for chronic prostitutes which is a common problem again in a sexually active man. Again, the urine should be separately analyzed by microscope, by lab, or physicians or urologist to make sure that there is absolutely no blood in the urine and that is the semen. Sometimes existence of the stone in the prostate, which is again due to the chronic prostate, causes blood in the semen. In any event, one should not ignore the issue of blood in semen and once approved by physician or urologist that the condition is not due to any malignancy then condition is benign. We want to emphasize the fact that in occasion, blood in the semen could be indicative of any sort of prostate or bladder cancer, which may be ignored. The reason we are recommending it strongly is once you notice the blood is the semen definitely consult your physician or urologist. If you have any questions please call us at 301-428-3040.

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