Circumcision in male population has shown to reduce the Incidence of HIV Infection and other sexually transmitted disease including syphilis and gonorrhea. Herpes simplex and HPV (human papilloma virus) should not be confused with HIV, which is causing the AIDS.

In any event, any other sexually transmitted disease in uncircumcised men could cause the increased incidence of penile cancer and cervical cancer in women of course, not all of viruses. There are about different 32 kinds of viruses of HPV that exist in men, if left untreated it may cause cancer of the penis and in a woman, it can also cause cervical cancer, that is why the vaccine invented, been used in recent years.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 45 million people In United States, ages between 12 and older, had herpes virus, HPV and sometimes incurable infection that can cause recurrent painful genital lesion and about 20 million people currently infected to HPV (human papilloma virus). There is no treatment or cure for HPV, but there is now a vaccine licensed and being used for women. The study, which was done on Ugandan men, shows that the circumcision is reducing the incidence of the penile cancer and cervical cancer. The mechanism in uncircumcised men acquired to have higher incidence of getting the HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases is not clearly identified, but one can clearly think that the foreskin and the extra skin that covers the tip of the penis during the intercourse exposed the penis to infection and the moist area of the foreskin which is again that skin that covers tip of the penis is a protected environment; however, the virus or other STD can continue to grow and there is a good nourishment area for them to create the disease that is already discussed .

We therefore recommend the men who have not circumcised to undergo circumcision which is an outpatient and is a procedure to prevent very costly HPV or HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases. It has been shown in numerous studies that circumcision prevents irritation of skin of penile shaft and several other lesions which are not even STD category. For further information about circumcision and benefits of it please contact Germantown Urology Center at 301-428-3040 and discuss with us to further clarify the benefits of this simple procedure.

Allen A. ,Farsaii, M.D.


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